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  1. I’m a 67 year old, disabled veteran diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety and social isolation.
    Needless to say, i have tried all the modern and alternative medicine options. You name it, i tried it. The best situation i arrived at was survival.
    Then, Nueromyst came intp my life. Since i have been a regular user i am now thriving. I found relief from my symptoms and, have gained a feeling of control and comfort in my life
    So, not only does my Nueromyst work, the customer service is off the charts. They replaced my first unit for free. I ruined that unit and they made me an incredible deal on a replacement unit. All this done with pleasant, quick,and hassle-free communication with the company.
    If you’re looking into nuero brain training, you’ve found your source. Adjectives i would use to describe my overall experience with Nueromyst:
    – Life changing effect
    ,- Easy to use
    – Worth every penny
    – Customer service
    beuond measure
    Take it from a guy who rarely writes a review, this is the real deal.